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HoGo Eliminates Need for Additional Software to View Protected PDF Files, Adds Google Drive Support

HoGo Eliminates Need for Additional Software to View Protected PDF Files, Adds Google Drive Support

Updates to Online Digital Rights Management Platform Give Users the Most Available Options for Protecting and Distributing PDF Documents, eBooks

March 6, 2014 – Manchester, NH – HoGo has added new features to its fast-growing online digital rights management (DRM) service that make it the most convenient and secure way to protect and share PDF files. Now there is no need to download and install additional software to view protected documents. HoGo has also added support for Google Drive, making PDF and eBook protection and distribution even easier. These updated features are available now and at no additional cost at

Eliminate the Need for Proprietary Viewing Software
HoGo’s Send to Adobe Reader feature means documents protected by HoGo can be viewed using Adobe’s standard software, eliminating the need to install plug-ins or proprietary viewers. That makes HoGo the only PDF document protection service that gives users three PDF and eBook viewing options for Windows, MacOS and iOS: HoGo Viewer, Adobe Reader or browser.

Google Support Added
HoGo users now have single sign-on convenience when using HoGo with their existing Google account, as well as the ability to seamlessly protect and share PDF files stored on Google Drive.

Our customers use HoGo for a wide range of applications from confidential business documents to eBooks, educational materials, legal documents and research papers. But document protection is not "one size fits all.” So while our HoGo Viewer may be great for eBooks and controlled distribution, many business applications favor a software-less approach. HoGo is designed to fit every usage model, making it the easiest document protection solution for everyone.
-- Hiro Kataoka, CEO, HoGo 

Every day, individuals and companies share and distribute confidential and private documents, and copyrighted works online. In most cases, these documents are vulnerable to leaks, unauthorized use, or theft. Documents sent with HoGo are encrypted, and can only be viewed by the intended recipient. Unlike other file sharing sites, documents sent with HoGo cannot be copied, forwarded, or otherwise misused even after they have been downloaded to the recipient’s personal computer or mobile device. HoGo also gives the sender the tools to control permissions such as how long a document is available, and whether or not it can be printed.

[HoGo Introduction Video]

DRM and information rights management (IRM) software has long been available to large enterprises, but are often too complex and too expensive for widespread adoption. HoGo makes secure document distribution easy to use and available to everyone as a freemium online service. It is ideally suited for protecting and sending confidential business documents, private personal information, and legal documents as well as for distribution of copyrighted works such as eBooks. Users can send up to five documents per month free of charge; additional points may be purchased online. Corporate plans are available for large volume users.

About HoGo, Inc.
HoGo, Inc. was founded in 2012 to provide innovative solutions for online content security and distribution. The Company is headquartered in Manchester NH.

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