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HoGo Adds Dropbox Support to PDF Protection Platform

HoGo Adds Dropbox Support to PDF Protection Platform
New Feature Enables Dropbox Users to Easily Protect, Share, and Track PDF Files

Manchester, NH -- May 19, 2014 HoGo, the innovative leader in online digital rights management (DRM) and document protection, announced today the availability of a new feature that allows users to directly import PDF files from their Dropbox accounts. The integration with Dropbox simplifies the process for Dropbox users to protect, share, and manage PDF documents using HoGo, thereby enabling an added level of security and control over private or confidential documents, and intellectual property. The new feature is available now to all HoGo users.

While services like Dropbox provide excellent online storage and file sharing capabilities, there is no control over what happens to a file after it has been downloaded, making them unsuitable for sharing sensitive or confidential documents. PDF files that are sent with HoGo are encrypted, and can only be viewed by the intended recipient. HoGo-protected documents cannot be copied, forwarded, or otherwise misused even after they have been downloaded to the recipient’s personal computer or mobile device. Users have control over how a document is shared, how long it is available, and whether or not it can be printed. Tracking capabilities report who has which documents, and can revoke documents remotely.

“Using HoGo in combination with services like Dropbox gives users a winning combination of convenience, security, and control for sharing important documents,” said Hiro Kataoka, CEO of HoGo. “HoGo is a perfect complement for online storage users that need to share documents securely.”

DRM and information rights management (IRM) software has long been available to large enterprises, but are often too complex and too expensive for widespread adoption. HoGo makes secure document distribution easy to use and available to everyone as a freemium online service, and API’s for developers. It is ideally suited for protecting and sending confidential business documents, private personal information, and legal documents as well as for distribution of copyrighted works such as e-books. User can send up to 5 documents for free each month at

About HoGo, Inc.
HoGo, Inc. was founded in 2012 to provide innovative solutions for online content security and distribution. The Company is headquartered in Manchester NH.

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