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PowerPoint Files Now Supported by HoGo

HoGo Enables Secure Collaboration for Microsoft® PowerPoint®

Online Secure Document Sharing Service Now Supports Microsoft PowerPoint Files. Protect, Share, and Track Microsoft Office and PDF Documents with HoGo Cloud Service

March 3, 2015 – Manchester, NH – HoGo, the innovative leader in secure document sharing and digital rights management (DRM), announces the availability of a new feature that allows users to protect and share Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) files on its secure document sharing service. Documents shared with HoGo are protected so that only the intended recipient can open the file, preventing re-sharing, leaks, and other costly data breaches.

With HoGo, businesses can collaborate on sensitive and confidential PowerPoint presentations such as business plans, financial data, and internal reports without worrying about the documents getting in the wrong hands. The new feature, available now to all HoGo users on its web site, supports Microsoft Office 2010, and 2013 running on Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

With the addition of PowerPoint, HoGo now supports all of the major document types used in business today. Users can upload PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or PDF documents to HoGo’s secure cloud, set recipient authorizations and permissions such as printing, editing, and expiry date. Only the specified recipients can download and open HoGo-protected documents. If editing is enabled, the recipient can make changes to the document and even save a local copy. However, the file cannot be opened by anyone else, protecting against re-sharing, leaks, and cyber-attacks. Features such as screen capture and copy/paste are also controlled so that protected information cannot be easily stolen. HoGo’s web site allows document owners to track who has which documents, and to change permissions dynamically. If a recipient’s mobile device containing protected documents is lost or stolen, the document can even be revoked remotely.

“As Microsoft PowerPoint has become the most popular format for presenting information and ideas in business and education, the need to protect the contents of PowerPoint documents is increasing,” said HoGo CEO Hiro Kataoka. “HoGo now allows people to collaborate on, and share PowerPoint files securely, without worrying about leaks and data breaches.”

DRM and information rights management (IRM) software has long been available to large enterprises, but are often too complex and too expensive for widespread adoption. HoGo makes secure document distribution easy to use and available to everyone as a freemium online service, and APIs for developers. It is ideally suited for protecting and sending confidential business documents, private personal information, and legal documents as well as for distribution of copyrighted works such as e-books. 


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