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HoGo Introduces Document Protection API’s for Secure File Sharing

Manchester, NH -- May 07, 2014

HoGo, the innovative leader in online digital rights management (DRM) and document protection, announces the availability of APIs to enable developers of Web applications to easily add document protection to their sites. Security and prevention of unauthorized access is becoming increasingly important as more Web sites and services distribute content or share documents over the Web. Using HoGo APIs, developers can now protect PDF documents by applying controls and permissions on who can see the documents, for how long, and on how many devices. Developers can gain access to HoGo APIs and technical services by contacting developers(at)hogodoc(dot)com.

Secure File Sharing
While there are many file sharing services such as Dropbox and Box, and even more specialized portals for specific companies and industries, most offer only basic passwords for protecting valuable documents. Unlike passwords which can be shared along with the data, HoGo’s digital rights management maintains control over protected documents even after they are downloaded ensuring that they are only accessible by the intended recipient. With HoGo APIs developers can create secure file sharing applications for security-sensitive industries such as technology, medical, legal and finance.

Protecting eBook Distribution
Publishers of eBooks and other proprietary content have often had to turn to Amazon and other online content distributors for secure distribution of their works. Now publishers can seamlessly integrate digital rights management into their own e-Commerce sites using HoGo APIs, giving them more control over the distribution of their products and eliminating the high cost of third-party distributors.

“The need for document protection is rising in all areas from business file sharing to eBook distribution. We have made it easy for developers to integrate digital rights management into their applications so that content and information can be shared securely.”
-- Hiro Kataoka, CEO, HoGo

Every day, individuals and companies share and distribute confidential and private documents, and copyrighted works online. In most cases, these documents are vulnerable to leaks, unauthorized use, or theft. Documents sent with HoGo are encrypted, and can only be viewed by the intended recipient. Unlike other file sharing sites, documents sent with HoGo cannot be copied, forwarded, or otherwise misused even after they have been downloaded to the recipient’s personal computer or mobile device. HoGo also gives the sender the tools to control permissions such as how long a document is available, and whether or not it can be printed.
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DRM and information rights management (IRM) software has long been available to large enterprises, but are often too complex and too expensive for widespread adoption. HoGo makes secure document distribution easy to use and available to everyone as a freemium online service, and now API’s for developers. It is ideally suited for protecting and sending confidential business documents, private personal information, and legal documents as well as for distribution of copyrighted works such as e-books.

About HoGo, Inc.
HoGo, Inc. was founded in 2012 to provide innovative solutions for online content security and distribution. The Company is headquartered in Manchester NH.

Disclaimer - Amazon, Box, and Dropbox are trademarks of their respective owners. Their use does not constitute any specific or implied endorsement of HoGo or its products.

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