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What is HoGo?

HoGo is a DRM (digital rights management) platform for PDF files that lets you easily copy-protect, distribute, and manage important documents such as confidential business documents, private personal information, legal documents, and copyrighted works such as e-books. With HoGo, you control who can view your documents, whether they can be printed or not, expiry dates and more. Documents sent with HoGo cannot be re-shared, forwarded, or otherwise leaked even after your recipient has downloaded them, keeping them secure and out of the wrong hands.

HoGo gives you the most flexibility on how you share your documents, and how they are viewed by your recipients. Create a web-link for viewing in a browser, send eBooks directly to the free HoGo Viewer on PC or iOS, download and view a  PDF file in standard Adobe Reader on PC and Mac; whatever your application or platform, we have you covered.

Best of all, HoGo is easy and affordable to use. No software to install, no monthly fees. Get started now! Go HoGo.

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