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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

As is the custom whenever the calendar turns, it is a time for reflection; a time for looking back on the year completed and a time for looking ahead to the year that is before us.

Here at HoGo 2013 was the year it all started. The company started as a tenant of the abi Innovation Hub in Manchester, New Hampshire and began the task of adding our voice to those raising awareness to issues of information security, data privacy, and the protection of intellectual property in April with our first post to HoGo Blog Confidential, The Consumerized Mind.

In August we officially launched HoGo when our cloud-based document protection and distribution service went into public beta. Three months later we wrapped up the beta phase and launched the first full version of our document sharing platform.

Our vision of offering a platform for the protection of sensitive personal and business documents has come into greater focus as we’ve heard about the ways you’ve applied HoGo to actual use cases.

Educators are using HoGo to distribute and protect course materials. Lawyers are using HoGo to share sensitive legal documents. Researchers and analysts are using HoGo to share their reports with clients and subscribers. Authors are using HoGo as a way to protect and distribute their self-published ebooks.

And as more and more people and businesses become HoGo users, we’re learning of even more new and exciting ways HoGo can be used to solve your document protection needs.

As we enter the new year, we’ll continue to talk about information security, data privacy, and intellectual property protection as we always have; we’ll have new conversations with professionals engaged in different aspects of those fights and we’ll share them with you; and we’ll start writing up descriptions of the innovative ways HoGo is being used to protect the valuable information our users are creating. We hope that by sharing these stories with you we’ll inspire more people to take control of their intellectual property.

Thank you for being a part of our 2013. We look forward to your company as we continue the journey into 2014.

Happy New Year!

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