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How to Keep Your Nude Photos Safe

The news has been abuzz in recent weeks over the leaking of nude celebrity photos that were stored on iCloud. Hundreds of articles have appeared about the security of cloud-based storage and file sharing services like iCloud, and how one should use strong passwords and coded e-mail addresses to prevent hackers from stealing precious files. But in most of the discussions, one thing is missing; if you really want to prevent people from viewing files stored in the cloud, protect the content itself, not just the network and storage.

Password protection is the first method that comes to mind when one talks about protecting content. While this is effective if you are storing the file on the cloud to share with no one other than yourself, passwords are rendered useless once they are shared—whether intentionally, as a result of being phished, or because they are easily guessed.

At HoGo, we give people the tools to protect and share their important documents. Instead of passwords that can be leaked or forgotten, HoGo uses Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to ensure that only those people that you authorize can view the documents. This means that even if the documents end up in the wrong hands, they are still protected. Confidential business documents, legal agreements, personal information, medical records, and yes, nude photos can all be shared safely using HoGo.

The best way to keep your nude photos from being seen is to never take them at all. But if you must, and want to share, put them in a PDF… and use HoGo!


NOTE: While HoGo does not monitor or censor the contents that users distribute, we reserve the right to deny service to anyone involved in the creation and distribution of content that is in violation of any laws, or is meant to cause harm to any individual or group.

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