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Although Blog Confidential has been active since April 23, I wanted to welcome you to this as the first post since the new web site and service officially went online. If it’s your first visit, thanks for coming. If you are a regular, you already know that we use this digital soapbox to help draw attention to the issue of document protection.

There’s a great deal being written and said about issues related to information leakage, data breach, copy protection, and the piracy and theft of high value documents. In fact, it’s a pretty hot topic right now thanks to some fairly high profile events. That means there will be plenty of opportunities for us to offer our “what it means” analysis to help make it easy for individuals and small businesses to copy-protect the documents and intellectual property upon which their businesses rely.

HoGo recognizes that not every small business, contractor, artist or individual has the resources to spend on the big-ticket data loss prevention software, document management systems, and teams of lawyers it takes to protect their ideas. But that doesn’t mean the business proposal, customer list, product schematic, screenplay treatment, or creative artwork that you’re counting on to land your next big deal isn’t as critical to your success.

Perhaps you work for one of those larger companies but you still want that extra layer of document security to help protect your turf. You’re worried that your preferred pricing list might end up in your competitor’s (or non-preferred customer’s) in-box, or that a market research report could end up in the wrong hands. You see, when you attach that document to an email and hit send, you want more than crossed fingers and a belief in the goodness of humanity protecting your brainchild. After all, not all compromised information is stolen in an act of intentional espionage. Sometimes information is shared inadvertently, forwarded accidentally, or otherwise left unprotected.

Or maybe you want to send something personal to a close friend, family member, or lover (you sly devil…), and are concerned about keeping your “eyes only” file from becoming the next viral Internet sensation. That’s why we make HoGo simple and free. We want to make it easy for you to try us and experience the assurance of sharing sensitive information with confidence. Of course, if you like what we’ve done, we hope you’ll want to pay us a little bit to use HoGo more often.

We look forward to conversing often via Blog Confidential, keeping you informed (and occasionally entertained) about what’s happening in the world of document protection, and helping you to share with confidence. Browse around the HoGo site. There’s more information about us, our product – and some nifty cartoons to boot. Oh, and feel free to keep up with us on LinkedIn, too.

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