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Social Sharing on Turbo

The concept of social sharing is one we’ve discussed before – and will again. We think it’s a great thing and a major component of what makes the Internet a medium nonpareil for knocking down traditional barriers to connecting and communicating with others. Online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are worth billions in their own rights, and are but three of the better known brands in a category that encompasses thousands of companies.

These sites allow us to keep abreast with family and friends, colleagues and customers, newsmakers, mentors, and other sources of information and inspiration. They also give us the ability to share information and inspiration with others.

In fact, there are many companies involved with making social sharing a fast and simple process, whether with tools for consumers or strategies for other companies to better reach their audiences via social channels. The emphasis on social sharing may be great for marketers, but consumers and small businesses must guard against the urge to share on a whim. After all, the habit of sharing innocuous links and information can often spill over and result in careless sharing of proprietary data.

The difference between forwarding an amusing link from TheOnion.com and forwarding high-value documents, such as a business proposal, customer list, or other proprietary information could not be greater. If your link gets forwarded, its future recipients may merely get annoyed be receiving yet another chain-email. If your confidential information gets forwarded, you may be the cause of a data breach that can put consumer privacy, customer trust, and the fate of an entire business at risk.

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