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Provoking New Ways of Thinking about Document Protection

The purpose that drove the creation of HoGo is a simple one: make it simple and inexpensive for people to protect their high-value documents. Whether personal information (financial documents, medical records, family information) that you want to keep private, or business data (price lists, customer lists, personnel records, intellectual property, sales plans, marketing strategies) that you’d prefer remain confidential, there should be an option aside from spending big money on complex, high-cost enterprise data protection suites.

That’s not to say we don’t believe such tools are without merit. But not everyone can afford them, and they aren’t always convenient.

As HoGo prepared to launch, and settled on an editorial strategy for Blog Confidential, we determined to focus on the needs of that audience and to use this space not to blatantly market, but to inform, educate, (occasionally entertain), and to provoke new ways of thinking about document protection, copy protection, and digital privacy.

The “provoke new ways of thinking” concept is one that drives us to look for what others are doing in areas that complement our message and to see what we can learn from their ideas and experiences.

Today we were interested to learn that the same concept that drove the creation and launch of HoGo is also of deep concern to those individuals and organizations behind the 3D printing.

As this article in MIT Technology Review describes, there’s growing concern that file sharing and digital piracy could seriously hamper innovation in that burgeoning industry.

The idea that innovations are worth protecting, and that protecting innovation can encourage greater innovation, is driving innovation in the ways to protect innovations.

Got that? And HoGo is proud to be counted among the innovators.

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