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Protect Your New Technology

Did you get new technology for Christmas such as a laptop, tablet or one of the many mobile communications devices available? Or maybe you gave a child their first real computer or mobile device.

Make sure to take the necessary security precautions before getting too wrapped up in your online sharing—and in the case of those lucky kids, take the opportunity to help instill them with an awareness of digital security.

Here are some handy resources to help you browse and share with confidence:

Gizmag offers a handy primer on securing your iPhone or other iOS7 powered device.
If you are an Android fan, CNET has this article to help keep you safe.
PC Magazine recently reviewed nearly forty digital security offerings that you might want to consider no matter what platform you’re using.
Digital security companies like Kaspersky and Sophos have useful blogs that can help keep you up-to-date on threats.
Brian Krebs’ blog, Krebs on Security, is a great source of information (and often the place where major data breach news breaks first).

Of course, when it comes to keeping abreast of PDF protection, personal privacy, digital security, copy protection and intellectual property protection, you’re already reading a pretty good resource.

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